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Which managers struggle to put in meaningful progress updates?

Which managers struggle to put in meaningful progress updates?

What can be done to combat this?

After selling, you your desired package, most strategic software producers and resellers will install the software, provide a minimum of tutorials and then offer help desk assistance (or incomprehensible “help” databases) once the scope of their implementation has concluded.  Sorry to say, but we love that!

What is deemed to be a successful implementation can quickly become failed usage as uptake and engagement levels ​​​prevent the software from doing its job. It is no surprise, then, that several of our customers have sought us out due to the ongoing services and training we provide, developing not only the skills of your staff, but as a corollary, raising the level of your strategic plan.

The strength of any strategic planning software is its ability to track and report on the progress of your plan. Therefore, the goal of your updates should be to:

  • Present plain language offering concise information
  • Provide timeline relevance
  • Inform cohorts of progress, citing any interruptions or disruptions
  • Keep the CEO/CAO apprised of project advancement
  • Use metrics to track data or spending
  • Contribute live information to ongoing scheduled reports for outside stakeholders
  • Contribute to project completion, enabling future users the ability to retroactively         examine the successes/failures/limitations/requirements of the project

With the above factors crucial in informing and educating both current cohorts and those that follow in regard to projects being undertaken, it is imperative to provide suitable and timely progress updates.

However, it is sad to say that many managers do not effectively engage once their software has been implemented. Without meaningful updates, the CEO/CAO is blind to a project’s progress and prevented from heading off any issues that may arise, stifling them from diverting resources, where required, in a timely manner.

At PMH, we not only understand the resistance faced when implementing new software, we are wise to the constitution of effective updates. Our training and development program provides one on one mentoring and assistance to your users, ensuring they develop solid user engagement and deliver meaningful strategic planning updates that help progress your organisation as a whole.

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