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Local government framework Facilitation
of operational | strategic planning workshops

Audit your existing plans
provide quality assurance to
your planning process
Provide training to develop
managers skill sets in the areas of
local government planning | reporting

We are committed to your success!

"To win the race, one must comprehend what the race is and how long it is run.

One must practice and prepare for the race."

empower your team


Structure, discipline and repetition are the foundations for improving your organizational planning & reporting. Our approach empowers your team to be able to plan, execute and report in a timely manner, establishing a new level of organizational integrity.

Utilizing a hands-on approach over an extended period, we will develop and establish new learned behaviors within your team, generating an enhanced status quo. The improved planning and reporting processes improve clarity, alignment and visibility to all levels of management and employees; ultimately leading to a higher performing organization on every level.

one page business plan is doomed


The CEO with a one-page plan is doomed!  Any CEO who relies on verbal strategy updates with no formal reporting processes is asking for trouble. People make mistakes, accidental or otherwise, and human nature is inclined to omit or sugar coat the ‘bad news’ 

we are committed to your success pmh Insights

Your success
is our SUCCESS

If you wouldn’t hire a CEO with a one-page resume, why would you allow them to implement a one-page plan the week after they start?  Without ongoing updating and reporting, a strategic plan can become so malleable it often ends up very distant from where it began, or where it should be, and permits zero visibility to stakeholders along the journey. 

At PMH insights we have a proven track record of ensuring plan alignment and cohesion, whilst developing personnel and their level of engagement.

Find out what solution best meets your needs

“I need a better way to track my plans and develop reports”

"Our plans are a mess,
we need help”

"My team struggle with planning "

“We need to develop

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We are working with great clients

Kathryn Johnson
Director | Infrastructure
Port Pirie | Regional Council Adelaide | Australia
Lynne Walden
Director - Corporate | Community
Port Pirie | Regional Council, Adelaide | Australia
Simon Rennie
General Manager | Corporate
Moira Shire Council | Victoria, Australia
David Joy
General Manager | Corporate Services
City of Fort St. John | British Columbia, Canada
Chris Dewhurst
GENERAL MANAGER | Hawesbury River
County Council | NSW | Australia
Corporate Planning | Performance
tweed shire council | NSW | Australia
Sally Rice
Moira shire council | Victoria | Australia