The PMH Government Framework© Difference

PMH Insights  are the creators of the PMH Framework© a Planning and Reporting Framework used by Local Government, State & Provincial Government, Indigenous & First Nations, School Districts and Large Enterprise. 

The PMH Local Government Framework© is a web-based decision support tool for Council’s and Executive leadership teams.  It solves the complex planning and reporting needs of local government by using our framework, software, and management training program, driving consistent, structured and measurable plans.

PMH Insights  has a global customer base with a team of dedicated professionals that assist our clients implement the PMH Framework©.

Primary Benefits:

  • Centrally stores 60 + planning documents, eliminating endless word and Excel documents
  • Eliminates 60 + separate reporting systems, consolidated into one easy to use dashboard
  • 80%  time saved by having and integrated solution eliminating 60 + duplicates sets of data
  • Unique planning and reporting experience giving managers 1 page to plan & report 
  • removing the need to have countless system log ins to other software systems

Key Benefits:

  •  Structured Planning  
  • Reporting - eliminating 60+ systems
  • Easier to demonstrate progress
  • Knowledge retention and Succession planning
  • Visibility of GAPS - Reducing Corporate Risks
  • Eliminate duplicate / Siloed Systems
  • Governance and Transparency
  • Integrated Solution
  • Work Flow and Automation
  • COVID-19 Compliant

Moira Shire Council Local Government Case Study

Moira Shire Council needed to modernize the way they developed, tracked, and reported on their Local Government plans.

This is the journey of Moira Shire Council and how they have revolutionized the way they Plan and Report  using the PMH Local Government Framework© and Cascade Strategy software. 

We work with great clients

Steven Hart
CAO | Town of Oromocto | New Brunswick | Canada
Sally Rice
Moira shire council | Victoria | Australia
Chris Dewhurst
GENERAL MANAGER | Hawkesbury River
County Council | NSW | Australia
Lew Rojahn
CEO - Bulloo Shire Council
Erin McGoldrick
Manager City Strategy | Economic Development
Glenorchy City Council | Tasmania, Australia
Simon Rennie
General Manager | Corporate
Moira Shire Council | Victoria, Australia
Kathryn Johnson
Director | Infrastructure
Port Pirie | Regional Council Adelaide | Australia
Corporate Planning | Performance
tweed shire council | NSW | Australia
Lynne Walden
Director - Corporate | Community
Port Pirie | Regional Council, Adelaide | Australia
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Town of Crowsnest Pass usung the PMH COVID-19 Rapid Response Program
qather Regional District using the PMH COVID -19 Rapid Response Program
Town ofokotoks-PMH COVIDIS-19 Rapid Response Program
Town of Oromocto using PMH COVID -19 Rapid response Program
Moira Shire council PMH Insights
Glenorchy City PMH Insights
Port Pirie PMH Insights Local Government Framework
Hawkesbury River County Council PMH Insights Local Government framework
Bulloo Shire PMH Insights Local Government Framework©
Tweed-Shire PMH Insights local government framework©
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