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  • Does your council/board keep adding to your strategic plan while not acknowledging the change? Or, do they not provide the necessary funds, resources or extend deadlines to achieve the existing plan?

“It’s May already?!?!” The year is flying by. You’re on track and you have a team that is capable and functioning. Louis is going on extended leave in July and Song-Ha is taking maternity around the same time, but you’ve prepared for both of those eventualities and everything is set to be completed on time, even if a few percent over budget.

However… A new directive has just been strewn across your desk. It has been deemed by the board/council that the OH&S strategy you are implementing is not broad enough. Not only is it now required to assess the risks and write plans for each business unit’s contracted employees, who are spread all over the state/province, it is also a requirement to visit each existing client and evaluate their risk to your employees too. Almost three hundred hours of extra staff allocation and unbudgeted travel spending. Louis was due to have this project finished before his leave, on time and under budget, but now he’ll have to delegate the new requirements to each senior manager, or possibly several in Song-Ha’s department, and hope it gets done to his requirements.

If you’ve been using Cascade or Envisio software to implement your strategic planning, you’re already covered. As you’ve been reporting to the board/council on a monthly basis, they can see the time and resources you have already allocated to not only this project, but every project for the remainder of the year. Due to the fact you’ve been integrating your financials within your reports, and broadcasting them on your website, set up through Cascade’s Financial Reporting & Budgeting or Envisio’s Performance Analytics, you will be able to back up your request to postpone these added requirements with data, too. 

As you are able to definitively illustrate in black and white (or color if you so choose) why extending this project is problematic on several fronts, an appreciative board/council may provide you the opportunity to wait until next year, where you can effectively include it in next year’s strategic planning, or, assign you greater time and resources to complete the task this year.

Alternatively, reality probably sees you pushing through with the resources you have on hand, and here’s where effective software tools can immediately lessen your load. Both Cascade and Envisio allow you to update your strategic plan with ease and communicate the changes and requirements directly to your senior managers, translating to less time wasted in meetings or on the phone. You can even break down your required goals in to actions to assist with delegation and minimize administration time. Just don’t forget to utilize the software’s reporting and metrics tools to illustrate why you are now over time and over budget through no fault of your own.

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