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As a newly installed CEO/CAO, you may have inherited an organization that has lost focus.

Everyone is working, but a lot of people are doing their own thing with no thought to the bigger picture. You haven’t even worked out what the guy in the end office does yet. Your immediate issue is that elections are nearing and a new board/council may discover you are lacking alignment.

Even if it’s the beginning of a new reporting period, our strategic planning software and training and development consultants can help you set things straight. We aim for a 30-day turn around to allow you to…

  • Intergrate your strategic plan with the most suitable software provider
  • Align your plan with your organization and core strategies to enable complete                     organizational evaluation
  • Begin bottom-up reporting permitting you one click organizational omnipresence
  • View dashboards feeding you live data containing pertinent organizational information
  • Implement many other reporting, analytical and risk management tools in order to plan,              manage and track organizational progress

By the time your new council/board is up to speed, you will have already taken the necessary steps to streamline your administration and processes, with the view to developing an ongoing system of reporting, which will provide you with 360° organizational vision.

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