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Picture the strategies and goals of your strategic plan as stars spread out across the galaxy. Are your stars positioned to create viable solar systems, working in alignment to generate outcomes that progress your core strategies? Or does your plan possess rogue stars, drifting aimlessly through the universe, answering to no one, and without contributing to the long-term vision of your organization?

In this instance, calling them “stars” is contradictory to their usual outcome. Rogue stars could be costing your organization tens, or, hundreds of thousands of dollars, with no perceived benefit whatsoever. These unaligned stars could also be carrying passengers who are seemingly busy, yet, contribute very little to what your establishment actually requires of them.

True strategic alignment ensures your people are all headed in the same direction and working within the framework of your strategic plan to deliver outcomes beneficial to your enterprise. The only issue is how to achieve true strategic alignment.

When combining PMH Insight’s software partner tools, implementation strategies and training and development consultants, we are able to quickly identify the rogue stars. Our processes shine a light on these galactic outliers and bring them face to face with you, the CEO/CAO, enabling you to streamline your organizational units and more effectively align your strategic plan. More often than not, helping your organization to save money and satisfy stakeholders along the way.

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