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Sep 21 – Sep 24, 2018 | Kissimmee, Florida

Meet PMH Insights #1 Strategic Planning & Execution Implementation Group at the  ASBO Annual Conference & Expo 2018  Florida | The Event for School Business Leaders 

Join a powerhouse of professional collaboration alongside colleagues who sharpen you’re ideas, share proven solutions, and confirm the value of community at ASBO International’s Annual Conference & Expo 2018 Florida– an event you can’t afford to miss.

Don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Dialogue with peers on topics and trends in school business
  • Expand you’re network and build new relationships
  • Find creative ways to increase district efficiencies and reduce costs
  • Build confidence to effectively communicate and negotiate in high stakes situations.
  • Develop skills to budget effectively despite unknown variables.
  • Discover valuable products and services for you’re schools and you’re
  • Earn CPE credits and SFO Contact hours


PMH Insights Inc.

Across Canada, USA & Australia, PMH Insights are unique. We are implementation specialists for performance management systems.     We provide consultancy to help track monitor and report on the strategic, operational and master plans resulting in the success of a well managed and engaged workforce.  

PMH insights work with Superintendents and their school districts to align the strategic goals of the board to the administration business and master plans to drive efficiencies and effective decision-making.  The solutions we represent automates the reporting process to easily clarify and distil organizational and financial priorities to improve outcomes, measure progress on objectives, priorities and strategies.

See a working school district dashboard with actual strategic plans covering Facilities Management, School Security at work with Risk and Project Management, Grant/Funding tracking, in addition, School Building Rationalization.

PMH Insights is able to produce “whole of business” reporting capabilities, which will allow Superintendents complete visibility of all the schools in their districts in real time. We promote aligned and transparent activity across the organization and drive performance, in a secure cloud environment.

Get first-hand knowledge of the PMH Insights global implementation methodology and demonstrate the  strategic planning & execution platform “Cascade” 

PMH Insights Global Implementation Strategic Planning & Execution Platform enables organizations to align business units to plan, manage and track their strategic goals and Operational Business Plans (IP&R Framework) a meaningful way.  Through dashboard activity and our training and coaching methodology, Cascade enables both public and private sector large/enterprise organizations to create strategic goals, action them efficiently to complete execution.

Ask the PMH Insights team to demonstrate how you’re challenging issues can be resolved using the  “Cascade” Strategic Planning & Execution Platform.

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