PMH Insights is a specialist implementation partner for Cascade, Envisio & ClearPoint

We help organizations select the best technology solution to track, monitor and report across your strategic and operational business plans

An end to end execution platform, from strategy planning to performance management

The Cascade Execution Platform is a new way to run your organisation – providing a suite of seamlessly integrated strategy software modules, all designed with one simple purpose in mind:

By putting strategy at the heart of everything, Cascade helps you to build an aligned, cohesive, empowered and engaged workforce. Cascade puts strategy at the heart of your organisation.


Generate detailed reports to councils and boards instantly. Manage all your resources from a single dashboard. Measure performance and make informed decisions on-the-spot.

Use Envisio to align strategy and operations, unite teams, monitor progress and save time with automated reporting

ClearPoint’s strategy software can make your reporting challenges disappear.

Quickly build scorecards and dashboards that update themselves.

ClearPoint’s Balanced Scorecard (BSC) software allows you to manage your objectives, measures, initiatives, and action items in one place—with no hassle.