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Here at PMH Insights we are driven by the success of our customers.

A critical step in our implementations to gain success is to support our customers with extensive training and support.

We have multiple means of training whether it be on-site, remote, or with multi-media training tools. We provide a best practice approach when it comes to setting up the PMH Insights Local Government and School Excellence Framework to ensure all reporting needs are met and all users are confident in using the system effectively.


Policies and Bylaws

Policies and By-laws are created and enforced from the Municipality, City, or Shire level. This area will allow your organization to have a clear view of all Policies & By-laws, that councils require to Track & Report against.

Regulatory  &  Compliance

Local Councils must be compliant with acts and regulations, that are developed Federally, State, or Province. Having these regulations' setup in their own focus area help maintain compliance as they will be trackable and always in view when you are in your departments multi plan,

Business As Usual - Services

The Business as Usual - Services area is for all activity within the department that happens day-to-day, that don't necessarily directly link  back into the top level plan. The activities here should be activities that are reported against or require tracking.


The projects' area is dedicated to any capital works or non-capital works project that has been endorsed by council. In most cases these projects will link back to the top level plans. Eg. A sporting facility or a new bridge.


We look at the Risk Register area within the PMH Local Government Framework©. Setting up your Risk or Operational Risk register makes collaboration and managing risk controls much easier. Allowing you to pull accurate reporting at any level from your Risk registry.

Financial measures & budget

Financial measures regarding Capital Expenditures, Operational expenditures and overtime are the three most common. Some areas of council will track revenues like By-Law Enforcement, planning  permits etc. At PMH Insights we can customize the framework to suit your needs.

Audit findings recommendations

Audits are either conducted internally or externally. From each audit there are actual recommendations that need to be tracked. Using our tracking tool, will allow you to keep a close eye on these recommendations.  

Inter-departmental requests

The Inter-Departmental requests area within the department plans, are a convenient way of tracking requests from another department. Allowing colleagues to stay updated with progress.

EMT / slt objectives

The  PMH Local Government Framework©, allows the head of the organization manage a plan called the EMT/SLT Objectives. This plan allows the CEO, CAO, or General Manager to assign specific goals or KPI's to the Executive Management or Leadership teams.

Council motions resolutions

This is a very useful way to track motions, resolutions or requests given by Council during Council meetings. By maintaining these requests in the PMH Local Government Framework©, Council and the organization have full  transparency as to how much time and focus is required from each department to fulfill these requests.

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