Tutorial Videos

Here at PMH Insights we are driven by the success of our customers. A critical step in our implementations to gain success is to support our customers with extensive training and support.  We have multiple means of training whether it be on-site, remote, or with multi-media training tools. We provide a best practice approach when it comes to setting up the PMH Insights Local Government and School Excellence Framework to ensure all reporting needs are met and all users are confident in using the system effectively.


Business As Usual - Service Integration

If you wish to highlight your Business as Usual services output, this short video demonstrates the ability to transform your raw data into measurable progress updates, compounding the fact that you’re not just delivering the service but delivering results.

Custom Traffic Lights To Measure Financial KPIs

Don’t wait until the end of the year and be startled by wayward financial figures. Learn how you can create customized traffic light scorecards to track financial variances and trigger alerts as they occur.  

Drill Down -Reporting

Utilizing dashboards and drill down reporting makes it easy to keep track of your project’s progress and budget. You could highlight one project per dashboard, or monitor several projects in one, keeping abreast of all your organizations activities.

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