Local Government.

Senior Executive Training Program.

An extension of PMH Insights' Training & Development Program.


Senior Executive Training Program for Local Government is an extension of PMH Insights’ Training and Development Program.

These sessions refresh the senior staff in general Cascade training, provide a deeper understanding of the planning set up, promote best practice throughout the organisation, and establish internal guidelines that are unique to your specific organisation when it comes to maintaining meaningful and accurate reporting.


  • Receive additional in-depth training that paints a bigger picture about the Cascade set up
  • Gain confidence in using the system and assisting their direct reports with system use.
  • Become the catalyst for maintaining best practices throughout the organization.

Insights of topics covered:

Session 1:


  • Organizational Units & Planning Levels
  • Local Government Framework© in Department Plans
  • Cascade System Updates
  • System Work

Session 2: 


  • Building out Director Level Plans
  • Delegating to Sub Departments
  • Internal Guidelines
  • SMART Goals
  • Creating a Goal

Session 3: 



  • Where to Update
  • How to Update
  • Update Best Practices
  • System Work

Session 4: 


  • Collaboration and Goal Ownership
  • Snapshots
  • Dashboards
  • Team Meetings
  • Overview


Hear what our valued clients are saying 

Jenny Richardson
Director - Corporate Sevices
Glenorchy City Council | Tasmania, Australia
Tony McMullen
General Manager
Glenorchy City Council | Tasmania, Australia
samantha fox
Director -Strategy | Operations
Glenorchy City Council | Tasmania, Australia
Tamie Warner
Corporate Services manager
Bulloo Shire Council I Qld | Australia
Peter Ackland
Port Pirie Regional Council | South Australia
Lynne Walden
Director of Corporate and Community
Port Pirie Regional Council | South Australia
Kathryn Johnson
Director of Infrastructure
Port Pirie Regional Council | South Australia
Grant McKenzie
Director of Development and Regulation
Port Pirie Regional Council | South Australia
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