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Planning | Reporting program

We are committed to your success!

To work one on one with each of your principals throughout the year to improve the overall accuracy, content, timelines and reporting of your school plans.
  • Strengthen your principals skills in developing robust, detailed and accurate business plans
  • Enhance the quality of your content for school plans
  • Improve the consistency of your school plans
  • Ensure school plans are developed on time

Progress reporting

To ensure that your Principals are consistently focused on achieving their school plan, it is essential to review progress at least once a term.

We assist each Principal in capturing changes and reporting each term. This will provide peace of mind knowing that all Principals are consistently focused on achieving their school plan and ultimately the District/Divisions strategic plan, with a high degree of accuracy and integrity.

Consistency on all levels

Our School Excellence Planning

& Reporting program is designed  to work with your Principals over a 48-month period. This consistent approach reinforces all of the acquired skills that your principals have gained.


You are providing a pathway for your management 

team to improve their skills in:

  • Business planning
  • Analysis
  • Reporting

Organizational benefits:

In addition to making a difference for your staff you will also find great results within your organization

  • Enhanced integrity and accuracy for all plans and reports
  • Improved management skill sets
  • Consistent alignment of resources

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