Moira Shire Council - Local Government Case Study

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PMH Insights Case Study Moira Shire Council
Moira Shire council PMH Insights

Moira Shire Council

(A Shire in the context of Local Government is equivalent to a City, Town, County, District, Village, Council, Region)

Population: 29,000 + Residents

Covering: 4046 km

Location: Australia, Victoria

Project Started: 2018

Moira Shire Council PMH Insights

Cascade Strategy: Software Developer

PMH Insights: Designer of PMH Local Government Framework© & Cascade Strategy Exclusive reseller for Local Government

PMH Local Government Framework© and Cascade Strategy is used by Local Government in the USA, Canada, Australia ranging from 500 to 1 million+ residents/population.

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A critical step in our implementations to gain success is to support our customers with extensive training and support.

This is the journey of Moira Shire Council and how they have revolutionized the way they plan and report by using the PMH Local Government Framework © and Cascade Strategy software.

Moira Shire Council needed to modernize the way they developed, tracked, and reported on their Local Government plans. 

Moira Required:

  • An Integrated Planning & Reporting Framework
  • An Easy-to-Use System
  • A specialist Local Government vendor
  • A partnership with ongoing training
  • Local Support

The Challenge:

Local Government Planning encompasses a multitude (100's) 0f planning documents. When managed through Word, Excel or old software systems the key challenges are in:

  • Overlapping plans
  • Duplication of data entry/reporting
  • Structure
  • Alignment

Introducing new technology was needed to improve the current process and help drive user adoption and engagement.

PMH Insights knew from their Local Government experience that Planning & Reporting needed a centralized and integrated approach. They were engaged to undertake an Audit and Gap Analysis on Moira shire Council's planning.

The Council saw the immediate value the planning framework would bring by eliminating duplication and integrating numerous plans to drive better reporting and engagement.

The outcome of this was an engagement to implement the PMH Local Government Framework© along with PMH Insights Training and Development Program for Managers

This involved three key areas:

  • Cascade Strategy Software
  • PMH Local Government Framework©
  • PMH Training & Development

Results & Deliverables:

Cascade Strategy Software is an ideal product for Local Government when combined with the PMH Local Government Framework©

Key functionality: Multiple plans, Unlimited planning levels, Plan linkages, Single planning page for managers, Strategy model, Planning templates and Update templates, Ease of Integration.

Moira Shire have been able to implement integrated planning & reporting for:

Strategic Plans, Operational Plans, Service Levels, Capital Projects, Project Management, Financial Integration,COVID-19 (Emergency Management & Business Continuity), Governance Plans, Customer Contact Activity reporting.

PMH Insights delivers a monthly training program with managers to help their planning & reporting skills. This assists with engagement, reduces anxiety and ensures planning and reporting is complete and accurate.

The Plan Ahead:

Moira looks forward to continuing their implementation and expand into planning areas:

  • Risk Management
  • Employee Performance
  • Community Grants
  • Federal/Provincial/State grants
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