Maintaining  Public Confidence VCOVID-19 for Local Government

At PMH Insights, we have dedicated ourselves to developing the most effective COVID-19 Rapid Response Program for Local Government cities, counties, towns, and villages. A public dashboard completely up and running in 2-4 hours allowing you to provide relevant, factual and accurate real- time updates to your administration and community, maintaining public confidence plus business continuity during this unprecedented time. 

Right now, we have mobilized several municipalities, with DAILY - Situational Reports, Critical Service Loss Tracking, Daily Staff Level Monitoring, Emergency Operations Center, Enforcement Services, Fire Services, Fleet -Transport, Human Resources, IT Services, Water & Waste Services, Emergency Health Plans, and Community Portal sharing relevant local updates. All are now automated providing daily tracking with access graphs/dashboards, trends and Daily Cost Tracking for Federal (FEMA Cat B) government reimbursements.

PMH Insights is here to help by providing your  team with the support they need to plan, implement, and report daily to your community​​​​

UPDATE:  Covid-19  Rapid Response Program

A back up Strategy & Solution is essential for your emergency operations and business continuity during  COVID-19  

At present, we are working globally with Local Government Leaders, in Cities, Counties, Towns, Villages & Municipalities assisting them to track, manage & report daily in real-time online. Maintaining Business Continuity & Emergency Operation Services with their key personnel, whilst maintaining public confidence in their communities throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. 

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COVID-19 - Emergency Operations - Business Continuity - recovery

Covid-19 emergency operations - Business continuity Integrations

A managed service where at PMH we do all the heavy lifting. 

As more and more Local Government administrations are buckling under the strain of having reduced numbers of front line workers, we have developed a  critical integration  for emergency operations with your business continuity all within our PMH dashboard  with "real-time updates," secure and cloud-based. Deployed in 2-4  hours. 

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Thank you to our COVID-19  rapid response program valued clients

Steve Hart
CAO - Town of Oromocto
Al Radke
CAO - qathet Regional District | Powell River| BC
Christa Michailuck
CO. Emergency Operations Center | Town of Okotoks. CA
Patrick Thomas
CAO - Crowsnest Pass | Alberta, CA
Town of Crowsnest Pass usung the PMH COVID-19 Rapid Response Program
qather Regional District using the PMH COVID -19 Rapid Response Program
Town ofokotoks-PMH COVIDIS-19 Rapid Response Program
Town of Oromocto using PMH COVID -19 Rapid response Program
Moira Shire council PMH Insights
Glenorchy City PMH Insights
Port Pirie PMH Insights Local Government Framework
Hawkesbury River County Council PMH Insights Local Government framework
Bulloo Shire PMH Insights Local Government Framework©
Tweed-Shire PMH Insights local government framework©
City fort St John PMH Insights
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