An end to end execution platform, from strategy planning to performance management


Build the perfect strategic plan for your organisation, including vision, values, focus areas and goals. Customise the framework to precisely meet your needs, and create bespoke strategy frameworks based on your favourite methodologies.

Cascade your strategy

  • Build your vision, values, focus areas and goals
    An intuitive wizard guides you through the process of creating your new strategic plan.
  • Cascade goals down through your entire organisation
    Create an unlimited number of levels in your plan, and assign goals to accountable individuals.
  • Customise the strategy framework to meet your needs
    All terminology can be modified, and you can create custom strategy frameworks.

Cascade your strategy

  • Assign goals and projects to individuals
    Load your entire org chart, then assign goals, projects and tasks to the appropriate people.
  • Visualise how your plan is cascading
    Utilise interactive views of your strategy such as Cascade Trees and Gantt charts.
  • Slice and dice your data any way that you want
    View your strategy by person, type of goal, org unit and more, or create your own custom tags and filters.

Launch and communicate to your people

  • Create beautiful PDF exports
    Generate a detailed PDF export of your plan at the click of a button (check out a sample right here).
  • Share your plan with colleagues
    Built-in sharing tools allow you to instantly communicate your plan to the entire organisation.
  • Use video and other rich media to bring things to life
    Bring your plan to life with video, and have complete control over colours and branding.

See why management choose Cascade

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results

- Sir Winston Churchill

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