Through the development of the PMH Local Government Framework we have revolutionized local government planning | reporting.
Our framework has simplified the entire planning | reporting process and enabled managers the ability to demonstrate progress like never before in the most transparent, efficient and effective way possible
Local Government Framework

Revolutionizing the way
Local Government Plan|Report
pmh local government framework
Eliminate up to 80% of Task time!

Understanding “The Problem"

Local Government Planning and Reporting has traditionally been convoluted and complex without a simple solution anywhere on the horizon.

The problem has long been the challenges faced by a diverse organization who is required to plan, measure, track and report on upwards of 100 services and a minimum of 13 plans to stakeholders who include… Council, CEO, Managers, State & Federal Government and Citizens.

Managers are required to contribute to and be accountable for 13+ separate plans which generally leads to failure. Combating such complexity, it is near impossible to demonstrate ongoing and up to date progress. 

Municipalities are notorious for not communicating and articulating the great work they do for the community, as well as the value they deliver for the tax payer.

You obviously understand this notion. Hence, you are reading this and ready to do something about it. Managers are expected to deliver on the following: strategic, corporate, operational, projects, services, regulations, compliance, risks, budget, capital, council, long-term financial, assets, audits, contracts, grants, surveys, policies, bylaws, master and individual work plans.

  1. Demonstrate progress
  2. Provide clarity for staff in regard to what they need to deliver
  3. Retain corporate knowledge
  4. Report efficiently
  5. Identify knowledge gaps
  6. Understand commitments
  7. Undertake organizational reviews
  8. Undertake service reviews
Local Government Planning
The Problem Local Government framework PMH
The complexities that are associated with
the problem
have made it impossible to:
pmh local government framework
Reduce task time on every level!

We are working with great clients!

Being involved in the training/development program with regular sessions with the PMH Team has been critical. It has meant that people are given immediate and individualized support and training in the program while also using it and updating progress.
In the way we applied it there was a lot of set up and getting that right takes time. So doing this with the support of the PMH Training/Development team has been really important.
This has resulted in a large number of people becoming familiar with and using the system all at the same time which has generated momentum for the new system."

Sally Rice

General Manager Community

“Where were you a year ago, this is would have made my job so much easier”

Matthew Goudy | CAO

City of Lacombe | Alberta, Canada

I learned more about Local Government in the last hour than I have in the last 15 years. The payback is at least double what PMH have demonstrated”

Gerard Hunt | CAO

City of Kingston | Ontario, Canada

David Joy

General Manager Corporate Services
City of fort st. john, BC. Canada

The PMH Insight's team did not just come in, swoop down give us training and leave. There was constant follow up, and tremendous benefit which we have been able to ensure that our strategic objectives, tactical work plans haven't fallen through the cracks, and there is constant reporting from the bottom up and from the top down.

“This is what I have always needed/dreamed as a CAO

Patrick Thomas | CAO

Crowsnest Pass | Alberta, Canada

"We have just had a successful implementation of Cascade software, PMH Insights have been a very valuable part of that Implementation. I think the worst thing you could do is skimp on the implementation process, we tried to do it ourselves and it was too slow. We approached PMH for some external help and it's been a real God send. Having them involved means the systems & all plans have been set up and entered for us. We have had both onsite and remote training, which has been invaluable!


General Manager Corporate


"We are now reporting to the Council plan. PMH Insights expertise in the system is unparalleled and their implementation process has actually saved Moira Shire Council considerable money.
I would definitely recommend PMH Insights and Cascade to other Councils, having an all in one system which you can manage your Risk, Projects and Strategic Planning and to have that available to the entire Council is really valuable! Thank you PMH Insights."


General Manager Corporate


“This is amazing, I love it”

Todd Becker | CAO

Town of Innisfail | Alberta, Canada




"Working with PMH Insights has been fantastic! They are great to work with and know the system back to front.
The system Implementation has gone very smooth, I would most definitely recommend PMH Insights to other Councils"

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