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One-on-One Manager training can change the ballgame for Local Government Planning and Reporting

With a certain move further toward increased accountability and public interface, local government organizations are understanding that planning and reporting are not just checklist items to be ticked off leading into and closing out each year. Strategic and operational planning needs to be accurate, concise, timely, and measurable. Reporting needs to cover not just the fact that a project went over time or budget but be able to explain the factors that caused this event. Not only that, but precise information also needs to emanate from the far reaches of the organization to effectively allow the senior leadership team to report effectively and plan for contingencies.

How does a CAO/CEO develop an understanding of every aspect of their operations without spending their entire day locked in meetings? Or develop trust that their frontline managers and staff are providing them with enough detail for them to face Council and state exactly what is going on within their administration?  

PMH Insights’ monthly Manager Training and Development Program helps to develop a consistent and timely approach to progress updates, which will generate up to date information at the fingertips of every CAO/CEO and manager. Compounding this benefit, our program will assist in developing manager planning skills that will improve the quality of output across the organization. We do this by developing each managers’ approach to their strategic and operational plans, by working with them to find a balance between providing sufficient information, without spending too much of their time doing so. The goals and actions they track have the ability to illustrate not just the progress of their projects/services, but where their time is spent, any obstacles they may be facing, as well as tracking finite metrics within certain goals to either support their undertakings or collect relevant data. Overall, their reporting against the strategic, operational, governance, and master plans should tell a concise story of their activities enabling the CAO/CEO to be able to summarize any facet of their organization with the click of a button. Which is exactly what we deliver.

 Our client testimonials can attest to the fact that the PMH Insights’ Training and Development program changes the ballgame when it comes to organizational-wide planning and reporting. If you are a CAO/CEO who is looking to stand further back but see closer in, this program will provide you that opportunity.

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