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Preparing now is paramount for what is to come next. A simple, fast online agile solution for Local Government COVID-19 Planning is critical.

Leaders in local government, we appreciate how critical it is to report and share accurate information with your staff and community at this very stressful time. Over the past few weeks, we have had an unprecedented number of inquiries requesting Crisis Management dashboards for both internal and external use.  Getting fast, accurate, and reliable information to your emergency management team is crucial in a time of crisis.

At PMH Insights, we have dedicated ourselves to developing the most effective COVID-19 Rapid Response Program for Local Government cities, counties, towns, and villages. A public dashboard completely up and running in 2-4 hours allowing you to provide relevant, factual and accurate real- time updates to your administration and community, maintaining public confidence plus business continuity during this unprecedented time.

Right now, we have mobilized several municipalities, with DAILY - Situational Reports, Critical Service Loss Tracking, Daily Staff Level Monitoring,  Emergency Operations Center, Enforcement Services, Fire Services, Fleet -Transport, Human Resources, IT Services, Water & Waste Services, Emergency Health Plans, and Community Portal sharing relevant local updates. All are now automated providing daily tracking with access graphs/dashboards, trends and Daily Cost Tracking for Federal (FEMA Cat B) government reimbursements.

PMH Insights is here to help by providing your team with the support they need to plan, implement, and report daily to your community

Call us now and let us show you how we are helping Local Government and their Communities navigate through the continual changing climate of the COVID-19 -Pandemic.
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