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Introducing The PMH Insights School Districts Excellence Program©

Superintendents face the challenges of cost-cutting and limited resources, yet, are managing greater workloads than ever before. Dealing with schools, principals, administration, facilities, technology, security, health and nutrition, local government, parents, and community groups is no easy feat, and reduces time spent on the most important stakeholders – the children and their education. Managing this scenario is a supreme juggling act that facilitators are finding harder and harder to complete.

Your District Planning need not be a burden to add to that list. When in previous years you have expended countless hours developing, tracking, maintaining and reporting against not only your strategic planning but district plans, school plans, and inter-school governance plans, PMH Insights can now offer you the School Districts Excellence Program© which will consolidate all your District’s planning in one place, with consistent and timely reporting generated as easily as clicking a button.

If your planning is time exhaustive and your principals currently provide inconsistent reporting and updates that force you to make phone calls and schedule meetings to find out what is going on, here is a solution that will generate efficiencies across your entire District. The PMH process combines software integration with ongoing training to ensure your district has the tools to make planning and reporting a breeze. Your principals will not only provide you with up to date, concise reporting that details every piece of relevant data you could wish for, the quality and consistency of all District planning will improve and save you countless resource hours along the way.

Effectively, what the PMH Insights School Districts Excellence Program© has done is take all of your District planning and enter it into one place, where staff members from central or remote locations can contribute progress updates, track KPIs, measure successes and generate reports, that you, the Superintendent, will have access to with the click of a button. If you are thinking - with that much information in one place, it must be hard to find what you need - there is no need to worry. Each plan is compartmentalized but can link goals/projects/actions across each of the plans so that one goal can be aligned with and contribute to the completion of several higher-level goals. For example, one of the main goals within the District Strategic Plan might be to ensure numeracy rates are increased at the Grade 3 level across each elementary school. While this goal sits in the District Strategic Plan, sub-goals within the same plan could be linked to each school’s individual plan and assigned to each principal who could provide bi-annual test results along with written updates that are fed directly back to the Superintendent, who, with the click of a button, can generate a report showing each school’s progression throughout the school year.

Our experience working with School Districts in North America has enabled us to set out a planning framework that encompasses every aspect of District & School Planning. Planning options are versatile and include, but are not limited to:

  • your strategic plan,
  • district performance - to measure and track school safety /attendance /enrollments,
  • individual school's operational plans which can align goals from strategic and performance planning as well as curriculum requirements at state and national level,
  • school operational plans that include pillars covering - communication strategy, special education performance, financial measure and budget performance, social, emotional learning, audit/regulatory/compliance, and,
  • a governance and district plan that develops options for - transportation, facilities, state/federal standards, early childhood, contracts register, information technology.

Within these plans, there is no limit to the depth of levels and information you can track and report against. Your reporting can then decide how much information you wish to include, depending on your requirements. Dashboards can be created for any goal, user, plan or purpose to highlight areas of focus, exhibit meaningful data or develop inter-school knowledge.

Supporting the planning, measuring, tracking, and reporting process are the PMH Insights Training and Development Specialists who provide ongoing training to assist your principals and ensure every stage of the process is enhanced. Benefits derived from this include improved business planning, analysis, and reporting skills for your staff, as well as stronger planning across your entire District.

With the ability to create efficiencies while improving your planning, develop your staff skill sets and keep track of everything within your sphere, the PMH Insights School Districts Excellence Program© is the evolved planning tool to bring your District planning together.

For a brief, online demonstration, please contact Rob Reinking – Rob@pmhinsights.com.

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