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October 14 - 16, 2019 | The William Inglis Hotel | Warwick Farm, NSW

Meet PMH Insights #1 Global Strategic Operational Implementation Specialist for Local Government, at  theLocal Government NSW 2019 Annual conference

The “PMH Local Government Framework©” has revolutionized local government planning and reporting. It has simplified the entire planning & reporting process, enabling managers to demonstrate progress like never-before in the most efficient way possible.

The 2019 LGNSW The Annual Conference is the policy-making event for NSW general-purpose councils and our associate members. It is the pre-eminent event of the local government year when councillors come together to share ideas and debate issues that shape the way we are governed.


PMH Insights Inc.

Across Canada, USA & Australia, PMH Insights are unique, we are Operational Implementation Specialists for performance management systems. 

We  provide consultancy to help track monitor and report on the strategic, operational and master plans resulting in the success of a well managed and engaged workforce.  PMH insights work with Local Government to align the strategic goals of the Council to the administration business and master plans to drive efficiencies and effective decision-making.

The solutions we represent automates the Reporting Process to easily clarify and distil organizational and financial priorities to improve outcomes, measure progress on objectives, priorities, and strategies.

PMH Insights is able to produce “whole of business” reporting capabilities which allow CEOs’ complete visibility of their cities in real time. We promote aligned and transparent activity across the organization and drive performance, in a secure cloud environment.

Ask PMH Insights team to demonstrate how your challenging issues can be resolved with the PMH Local Government Framework©
Click Here, for more information regarding the LGNSW 2019 Annual Conference

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