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Introducing our Local Government Framework ©

At PMH Insights we have successfully been assisting local governments to implement, measure, track and report against their strategic plans for several years. Which is perfect if your organisation deals solely in the undertakings emanating from your strategic plan. 

Luckily, we understand that the majority of the work undertaken at local government level takes place outside the strategic plan, which is why we have developed the PMH Insights Local Government Framework. This will enable you to take the next step and implement, measure, track and report against everything else that takes place outside your strategic plan.

Along with full oversight of your strategic, corporate, departmental and master/governance plans, you will possess visibility, transparency and alignment, while ensuring organizational compliance and developing operational efficiency and effectiveness. How do we do this, you ask? The PMH Local Government Framework ensures alignment by filtering your strategic, corporate and master/governance plans through all departmental plans, with the bonus of offering the ability to track the everyday workings of your managers. Detailed and measurable goals can be setup to track your business as usual activities, short and long term projects, contractual arrangements, financial undertakings and targets, required actions stemming from council resolutions or audit findings, and anything else you wish to track within your organisation.

Does this seem like a lot of work? It’s not with the assistance of PMH Insights’ specialists to further assists your organisation to develop better plans.  

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