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Training new staff is easy when your using Cascade or Envisio strategic planning management software. On average how many people would you have to timetable, and how many offices would you have to visit to show one new staff member their role? Even if it is only one, that is time taken from their busy schedule.

Using Cascade Strategy software, job tasks are linked to the job title, not the staff member, so if a staff member departs all their tasks are ready to be reassigned to the new team member with a few key strokes. Assuming the plan was inputted correctly with sufficient detail (possibly through the assistance of a PMH strategic planning consultant) you should be able to teach your new staff member how to login, show them how to bring up their roles within the plan, and leave them to learn their job. Only slightly different in Envisio’s software, once you reassign the goals, everything is in front of them to learn and see how their role not only fits in within the organisation as a whole, but how their tasks directly feed into higher levels of the strategic plan.

Not only that, employee performance appraisals can be setup within the software to allow both users and manager’s the ability to track live performance, so that when it comes time to complete annual reviews, you can view their long-term output, not just what they’ve done for you lately. Having constant accountability in the back of your mind, whether it be through your personal performance, your team’s output, or how you are regularly reporting against your plan, can make you do funny things, like work, and complete tasks on time.  

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