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Can you see who your under-utilized staff are?

Large organisations have a habit of hiding things. Not necessarily on purpose, it just happens that things, and sometimes people, get lost in the crowd. Within a large organisation someone who should be visible is sometimes working behind the scenes, and often times generating accolades for someone else.

They say cream always rises to the top and water always finds its own level, but sometimes that cream can dissipate before rising and that water can get held up on a ledge for an entire season until the next rain materializes to help it on its way. Wouldn’t you rather identify talent and utilize it from the outset than wait for it to rise to the top?

Using PMH Insights planning framework, the CAO/CEO has the ability to find these diamonds in the rough. As reporting is possible per business unit, per department, or per employee, there is an ability to focus a spotlight anywhere at any time. Employee performance is also a tangible entity within the PMH Insights framework and can assist to illustrate employee qualities that might have otherwise flown under the radar.

Inversely, with the ability to be concealed within a large organisation, dead wood may have been floating undetected for quite some time. Utilizing the PMH Planning framework allows you to shine a spotlight on any individual or department with just a few clicks of the mouse. As each user is required to contribute accountable updates directly to the benefit of the strategic plan, it is a lot harder to hide from their responsibilities.

From both sides of the fence, accountability and visibility are key, and with enhanced measurability and reporting processes, correctly implemented planning software is the first step.

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