Can you see which of your managers struggle to delegate?

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When using software to implement your strategic plan you allow yourself the freedom from worrying what your staff are working on by knowing exactly what your staff are working on.

One click can be all it takes to see which of your managers are lacking either the resources or management skills to delegate, which is over-stretching themselves and in-turn translates to work being rushed and sub-par, or not being completed at all. Bottom up reporting on strategies, goals and actions provide the CAO/CEO access to project updates, financials and any other metric you wish to track, and can tell a story reaching further than the words and numbers on a page.  

Not only can you see which of your managers has assigned too much work to themselves, ongoing status updates with defined metrics track which projects are falling behind and regular reporting highlights this to the CAO/CEO.

Instead of finding out too late that projects are not going to meet deadline due to there being not enough fingers in too many pies, early intervention can ensure successful output is achieved. Not only this, employee performance can be monitored to effectively keep track of everyone in your organization, neatly presented in any report you wish to generate.

  • January 28, 2019
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