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  • Do You fear a new council will make wholesale changes, and not be properly educated/informed about how well your organization is run?
Communication is key in every organization, but is less welcome when you’re bogged down in meetings explaining how you’re progressing, when you could be spending that time progressing something else.

Even within a strong organization with great strategic planning, consistent and accessible reporting would add an element to your arsenal that any council would find valuable. One of the strengths of the software we implement is the ease of reporting. With one click you can present your new council with an updated strategic plan, illustrating your exact position on all projects and actions.

Following a 30 day PMH Insight implementation it is possible to:
  • Schedule reports to arrive in a councillor’s inbox on a weekly/monthly basis
  • Integrate segments of your plan with your own website to illustrate: planning updates, financial data, or successfully completed projects
  • Utilize reporting templates for each organizational unit to ensure one click reporting
  • Have remote staff report data directly into a central hub to ensure less handling and ease of reporting
  • Possess organizational unit dashboards illustrating strategy progress, live budget graphs and data, and updated KPI requirements

Being able to provide concise and up-to-the-minute reporting, with the ability to remove a lot of the ongoing legwork, any incoming council can easily understand your core strategies, and try to work with you rather than around you.

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