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The Inaugural PMH Insights Global Conference 2018


The inaugural PMH Insights Global Conference took place in Vancouver, British Columbia, September 2018 bringing together the company’s sharpest minds in a 3-day forum designed to advance systems and protocols, and to evolve the PMH strategy implementation model.

It was fantastic to hear from each sphere of the PMH team, with consultants bouncing ideas back and forth and developing software solutions for a range of customer strategy problems. Especially exciting has been the progress in producing Cascade’s live Dashboards for both Australian and Nth American customers. This tool allows customers to convey real time data to desired audiences, who could include: senior management keeping track of their spending, middle management keeping up to date with their peers or updating their progress, or the general public gaining an understanding of their council achievements.

Sessions ranged from producing optimal services to meet client specific needs, effective time management strategies, lessons learned from previous implementations, personal industry development and team feedback. Each session was met with enthusiasm and each obstacle tackled in a thoughtful and team orientated manner.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Peter Weeber for dropping by and sharing his Envisio implementation experiences with our team. It was great to hear feedback from a CAO whose engagement with our services will ensure his Council produces terrific outcomes for their stakeholders for years to come.

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